A 55-acre farm and a vision.

In a quest to provide a unique outdoor experience for visitors, utilize the beautiful land they inhabit, connect with their local farming community, and grow agritourism in the Waseca area, Bill Bartz and Emily Knudsen dreamed up and brought to life the Pleasant Grove Pizza Farm.

Their hope is to attract anyone and everyone from Blooming Grove Township and far, to enjoy yummy food, the beautiful landscape, amazing music, and wonderful company.

Celebrating Our 10th Season

Join us this summer as we raise a toast to a decade of delicious memories and farm-fresh goodness! It’s a celebration unlike any other as we mark the milestone of Pleasant Groves 10th glorious season.

Nestled quietly in southern Minnesota’s prairie region, our humble abode has blossomed into a culinary oasis, where every slice tells a story of passion, dedication, and the bounties of Mother Nature.

For ten seasons, we’ve welcomed guests from far and wide, beckoning them with the promise of artisanal pizzas crafted from the finest ingredients sourced right from our own backyard. From plump tomatoes kissed by the sun to fragrant herbs bursting with flavor, each topping is a testament to the richness of our land and the bounty it provides.

But our journey doesn’t stop at the pizza oven. Over the years, we’ve cultivated a community of food lovers and pizza farm enthusiasts, coming together to savor the simple joys of good company, local music, nature and great food. From families seeking a weekend escape to foodies in search of culinary adventures, our place has been graced by countless smiles and satisfied stomachs.

As we celebrate this milestone, we raise a toast to our loyal patrons, our dedicated team, and the land that sustains us. It’s a moment to reflect on the journey we’ve traveled, the challenges we’ve overcome, and the countless memories we’ve shared.

So this summer, join us in raising a slice to the past ten seasons and toasting to many more to come. Here’s to a decade of farm-fresh flavors, prairie charm, and the timeless tradition of gathering to break bread and make memories. Cheers to celebrating 10 seasons of our pizza farm restaurant – may the next ten be even more delicious!

Farm Animals

Kenny: Boer Goat

Kenny is a spunky goat full of personality, sass, and love. He enjoys treats, such as carrots and apples, and pets, and he loves attention!

Georgia Pie: Boer Goat

Nick named Pie Pie. She is the mother hen of the herd. She is kind and gentle and loves to be doted on. Her favorite treats are carrots.

Daphne: Llama

Daphne is always on the lookout and very curious and cautious of everyone and things! She loves grazing on grass, taking herself on walks, and following our south trail.

Lena: Huacaya Alpaca

Lena is very shy but a fierce protector. She is always on alert and on call, protecting her herd and the farm. She loves her freedom to roam the farm when we are not open, and her favorite treats are tiny bits of carrots, as she is a nibbler!