A 55-acre farm and a vision.

In a quest to provide a unique outdoor experience for visitors, utilize the beautiful land they inhabit, connect with their local farming community, and grow agritourism in the Waseca area, Bill Bartz and Emily Knudsen dreamed up and brought to life the Pleasant Grove Pizza Farm.

Their hope is to attract anyone and everyone from Blooming Grove Township and far, to enjoy yummy food, the beautiful landscape, amazing music, and wonderful company.

Farm Animals

Kenny: Boer Goat

Kenny is a spunky goat full of personality, sass, and love. He enjoys treats, such as carrots and apples, pets and he loves attention!

Georgia Pie: Boer Goat

Nick named Pie Pie, she is the mother hen of the herd. She is kind, gentle, and loves to be doted on. Her favorite treats are carrots.

Dorothy: Nubian Donkey

Dorothy is a bold and wise donkey. Her attitude changes with the wind, but one thing that is for sure, she will not pass up the handfuls of grass or little pets given to her by all the kids. She is a protector that loves her herd and her freedom. At the end of the evening you can often hear her bray out, reminding all guests it is closing time and she wants you out of her pasture!

Lena: Huacaya Alpaca

Lena is very shy, but a fierce protector. She is always on alert and on call protecting not only her herd but the farm as well. She loves her freedom to roam the farm when we are not open and her favorite treats are tiny bits of carrots as she is a nibbler!