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6/1  Next Chapter Winery  4-7p
6/2  Mineral Springs Brewery  4-8p
6/8  Next Chapter Winery  4-7p
6/9  Giesenbrau Bier Co.  4-8p
6/10  Mousse Sparkling Wine Co.  4-8p
6/15  Next Chapter Winery  4-7p
6/16  Three Oak Vineyards and Winery  4-8p
6/18  Mineral Springs Brewery  1-7p
6/22  Next Chapter Winery  4-7p
6/23  Three Oak Vineyards and Winery  4-8p
6/24  Mineral Springs Brewery  4-8p
6/25  9 Mile Winery  1-7p
6/29  Next Chapter Winery  4-7p
6/30  10,000 Drops Craft Distillers  4-8p


7/7  Mineral Springs Brewery  4-8p
7/8  Mousse Sparkling Wine Co.  4-8p
7/9  Acres of Pizza at FarmAmerica 11a-3p
7/15  Giesenbrau Bier Co.  4-8p
7/16  Mineral Springs Brewery  1-7p
7/20  Next Chapter Winery  4-7p
7/21  Music in the Park North Mankato
7/23  Mousse Sparkling Wine Co.  1-7p
7/28  10,000 Drops Craft Distillers  4-8p
7/29  Three Oak Vineyards and Winery  4-8p
7/30  Emery Acres Flower Farm  11a-3p